Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 9-Toy Organization

My daughter doesn't really have a lot of toys right now, and the ones she does have don't really have categories to go in. So, what I do for now, is I have 2 baskets that sit on the bottom shelves of our book case in our living room, and in those baskets go most of her toys. The stuffed animals and books are around them, too. I decided to wait to do this until after she went to bed because I knew she would pull everything out as soon as I put it away.

Here is the before with my helper making a bigger mess: I had my scrapbooks and other books/paper on the shelf right above the toys. I have wanted to move these for awhile, and finally did.

 Here is the right side. Some of those stuffed animals could go into her room, but she was sleeping so I didn't want to mess with it.
 Here is the left side. Her books are all nicely stacked. These aren't all her books. She has some in a basket in her room for bedtime stories. She loves books!

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