Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4-The Linen Closet

 Here is my linen closet before: I have a bunch of craft stuff on the top shelf, the middle shelf is blankets and towels, and the bottom shelf is towels. The place we rent is pretty old. When we moved in, I put shelf liners on the shelves, so that is the white you are seeing on the bottom of the shelves. I didn't want to do contact paper because, well, I'm renting.

Here is my after: All the blankets were moved to the top shelf. The middle shelf has some towels, and the bottom shelf has the rest of the towels. I probably could still get rid of some. The bottom shelf still looks a little messy to me. Guess I'll have to fix it more. :)
I figured that as long as I was doing the linen closet, I might as well do our game closet, too. The top shelf is a bunch of stuff that really just got shoved there because I had no idea where else to put it. The bottom shelf is where we keep all our games.

I decided to move the games to the top shelf and organize them better. The green basket holds card games. I actually did get rid of a few games!
The bottom shelf is where I put the craft stuff that was in the linen closet. I also have the gift bags and tissue paper on the side, and our picnic basket. My husband didn't even know we had the basket until I reorganized it. He told me we should go on a picnic in the spring.
Here is the after shot of the game closet.


  1. I'm impressed.. you're making some great progress! Love the mail organizer..
    Hope you stop by and visit me and watch my progress too @


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