Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 6-Dresser Drawers

I decided to tackle my daughters dresser drawers. I knew there were some clothes in there that she has outgrown and we needed to box up and put in storage. I was hoping this would be a quick and easy one, but it turned into a really long one. On most days, I do the challenge at nap time or after bed, but couldn't do that today. I got a good 10 minutes while my daughter played with daddy, and I had all her shirts neatly folded and laying there. After the 10 minutes, she decided she wanted to help. I got the top drawer done, and turned around and all my nice neatly folded clothes were thrown all over the floor!

 This dresser is really old! I believe it started out as my sisters, then mine, and now it's my daughters!
 Here's a pic of the top drawer. It's got all sorts of headbands and hair things, shoes that don't fit anymore, socks, etc.
Here it is more organized. All the shoes that don't fit got put into a container to store. I put all the hair stuff in a small container, but this is only temporary. I am going to make a hair bow holder and that will get all but the headbands out of the drawer. Not sure what to do with the headbands, either leave them there or find something else to help store them. Next to the hair stuff I have her tights, then socks, and then onsies/shirts. I want to put dividers in the drawers. I think that would help separate things better. One step at a time, though. I am planning on getting to my dresser eventually. Maybe I'll do that Sunday when it's a free day. :)

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