Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7-The Pantry

First of all, I hate my pantry. It's not that big, and it has the water heater in the same room.

This is the top 3 shelves. Basically for the last little while we have just been putting things where ever we can find a spot.  I also have some of our appliances that we don't use as often stored in here.
 Here is the bottom shelf and the floor. We used to have small garbages around the house, but my daughter likes to empty them, so they all got shoved in here.
 Here are the top shelves after. The ice cream maker got moved to the top shelf since we only use it in the summer. The next shelf is other cooking things we don't use as often.
 Here are the bottom 2 shelves.
 And here is the floor. I cleaned it out and put the broom and mop in there, and I also fit our big trash can in there. Hopefully this will help so my daughter doesn't try to play in it. Although, now I can't ask her to throw anything away for me, which she is actually starting to do, too. :)
I do still need to clean the trash can. That may have to wait for another time. I have to say, I do like this challenge, even though some days I dread what it is. I think it's really helping me to think more about being organized, and trying to stay that way.


  1. I looks terrific! Great job.

  2. Good work! I'm currently surfing through all the posts of everyone who has completed the challenge in order to put off actually having to do it myself, heehee. You should be very proud of yourself, but for the record, I hate my tiny pantry too!

  3. Whoa! What a makover. Nice job!


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