Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 13-Medicine Cabinet

I pretty much took care of the medicine cabinet when I did my spices.I thought about taking the day off, but decided I really shouldn't. I have so much to organize in my house! Pretty much the whole house needs to be done, except for what we've done in the challenges. I know the challenge had said we should do drawers in the bathroom, but I decided to do parts of my kitchen. I really want my kitchen to be organized. I'm tired of searching for things. Now if only I can get my husband to help keep it that way and not just put stuff anywhere. :)

Here is my cooking utensil drawer before:

 Here is the measuring cup/spoon drawer before:
 Here is another drawer with different things before:
 Here is the cooking utensil drawer after:
 Here is the measuring spoon/cup drawer after.
 Here is the other drawer after.
 Here is one of my cupboards before:
 Here is another cupboard before:
 Here is the first cupboard after: The purple container has drink mixes that you put in your water. I hated having a bunch of opened boxes of different kinds so I just combined them.
 Here is the other cupboard after: It's now more just baking stuff and other goodies.

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