Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I saw this wreath at Craftaholics Anonymous and knew I had to make one!
Mine isn't as cute as hers, but it's similar.

 I actually cut my strips 1" x 18" using a rotary cutter. Here is a pic of my pile of strips before I started tying them onto the wreath.
I had never worked with burlap before, and it was messier than I thought it would be. I had little pieces of it everywhere! It was all over the floor, and me! I didn't end up using all of the burlap that I had cut. I still had a pile of burlap when I was done with the wreath.

 Here's what's left of my burlap.

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  1. Hey Carri,
    Your Boo wreath turned out awesome!! It's way cute! I like the papers you used for your lettering.
    happy crafting!


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